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Gambling Policy

Useful Tips for Responsible Gaming on

We recommend considering the following tips before you start playing to ensure that gaming remains fun and without negative side effects:

Set a Deposit Limit: Before you start playing, think about how much you can afford to spend according to your financial situation. Play with amounts meant for fun and entertainment.
Don’t Chase Losses at Any Cost: Avoid taking big risks to recover what you’ve lost previously at any cost. Play for fun, not to make money.
Set a Time Limit: Establish a time limit and do not exceed it. Remember that gaming should be balanced with your other hobbies and not be your only hobby.
Play Smart: It is wiser not to play when you are extremely stressed, depressed, or under a lot of pressure. Also, do not play when under the influence of medications, drugs, or alcohol.
Take Breaks: You should take breaks when you notice that you are tired or can no longer concentrate.

Protection of Minors
To use our service, you must be 18 years or older. We also recommend using a filtering program to prevent minors, especially children, from accessing any unhealthy content on the Internet.

For parents, we can recommend a list of internet filters to help prevent your children from accessing content not intended for them: Best Internet Filters

If you have been diagnosed with a gambling addiction or are trying to stay away from gaming for a different reason, we want to help you stay away from what is not good for you. If you wish to self-exclude from gaming, please send a message to our support and specify a period from 6 months to 5 years. They will also explain all the future steps and what is required from you.


During self-exclusion, you are not allowed to play using your Metamask wallet. Any attempt to create a new account during the self-exclusion period is a violation of our Terms of Service and may result in a permanent ban of your wallet.