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About us

Our mission is to democratize Bitcoin mining.

We are miners and understand that this activity involves a significant initial investment (purchase of machines, rental space, employee salaries, taxes, high electricity costs, etc.), thus resulting in high risks.

That is until AMT came to market, as this is precisely the problem we aim to solve: making Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone!

To achieve this, we have tokenized our Bitcoin mining ecosystem, allowing anyone to participate in the profits and receive daily returns in BTCB, simply by holding our token (AMT).

And we do this without using a platform, without holding the investor’s money, without renting terahash, without cloud mining.

Everything is guaranteed by smart contracts that can be verified online.

AMT is backed by Bitcoin and terahash, in addition to having liquidity of US$1 million in BTCB, locked for 2 years.

Thus, in addition to democratizing Bitcoin mining, we do it responsibly and transparently.

We are always available to assist and address any questions the AMT Community may have on our Instagram, and we commit to keeping our Community informed and aware of our progress through our channels on Telegram, YouTube, blog, and Twitter.

A história da AMT

O AMT é composto por investidores latinoamericanos que começaram a minerar bitcoin em 2018, no Paraguai.

2018 - o grupo possuía 100 máquinas Bitmain S9 de 14ths, que mineravam 1,4 BTC/mês (BTC a US$ 7 mil).
2019 - Aquisição de lugar próprio e de mais máquinas
2020 - Grupo sofre com dois golpes de plataformas (Nimbus e Arbistar) que custodiavam o dinheiro do investidor e prometiam rentabilidade de 15%/mês.
2021 - Os golpes serviram de motivação para que um projeto sério e seguro fosse criado (AMT). Aquisição de nova mineradora no Paraguai.
2022 - Lançamos o AMT com o propósito de democratizar a mineração de bitcoin, de um jeito seguro, real, verificável.
2023 - O time AMT permanece investindo em máquinas e outras soluções que agregam valor ao Projeto AMT.

Time AMT

Nossa missão é democratizar a mineração de bitcoins.