You too can be part of the AMT community

Start generating bitcoins assisted by professionals with a brand new, automatic and transparent system in which you own your tokens and your money. Learn more about AMT and find out why it’s so unique.


Facilities operating at high performance

A group of active miners, experienced management staff and trained technical team make the project fully reliable and promising.

What stops you from mining Bitcoin?

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, a significant obstacle is the high cost of equipment and the difficulty in obtaining adequate facilities, capable personnel, and low-cost renewable energy. Our AMT (AutoMiningToken) solves these problems by distributing mining BTC directly and automatically to the token holder, with facilities located in Paraguay, country with the lowest energy cost in South America at a rate of 0.035 USD/kW.

AMT is backed by hash power and BTC in escrow

Start getting immediate benefits for taking part in the AMT ecosystem based on the percentage acquired.

Your hardware is
already working

Don’t worry about equipment assembly or mining. Our hardware is already running smoothly.

100% Financial Transparency

You can check the number of active machines in the project in real time by clicking here (your MetaMask or TrustWallet must be connected to the website).


Safe, valuable and easy to use

It is safe to join and the users never have to send their tokens to any other platform – they will always be in their possession. Their value is guaranteed by the production of BTC made by a mining farm that works 24 hours a day. Therefore, AMT becomes more valuable every day. Our company complies with all the country’s financial and environmental regulations, both in legal and functional aspects. AMT is backed by BTC and hash power, thus making it 100% verifiable, secure and transparent – which are our main goals. Do not worry about anything, we got you covered.

Highest Level Audits

External audits, world-renowned companies such as Certik or Solidity Finance, among others, will ensure that the code of the AMT project’s smart contract meets all the security and functionality guarantees, giving complete peace of mind to those who join the AMT community. Results will be posted on our website so that our community can check them out.

Binance Smart Chain

Smart contracts are published on the Binance Smart Chain, the world’s largest Exchange Blockchain, thus ensuring transferability, promptness and low costs.


There is total security and transparency in the process of purchasing AMT Crypto Assets. Our smart contracts allow users to be assured that their funds are out of risk.

We use MetaMask

It is a Crypto Wallet that ensures effective operations trusted for being the largest digital wallet in the world to store your tokens. 

TrustWallet is also compatible.


How to start

AMT ensures full transparency during the whole process. An easy and convenient way to mine bitcoins through a mining farm already in operation.

Access our marketplace

100% safe environment to acquire your AMT.

Get your AMT

Acquire your AMT using your MetaMask wallet.

Start mining

Your mining machines can start working for you.


We give mining access to everyone

AutoMiningToken grants access to suitable mining facilities and allows BTC to be received directly and automatically from a miner.

Active facilities

Located in Paraguay, with the lowest energy cost in South America.


Backed by BTC, the only token whose guarantee increases every day.

Daily gain

Daily distributions of Bitcoin according to the mining power at stake.


Zero settlement risk token – ever-increasing AMT/BTC value.



Upon acquiring your token, the system, through a “snapshot”, calculates your percentage of the total produced in the miner that day, then you will receive the corresponding amount in BTC – every day. Forget bureaucracies or complex procedures to get your AMT up and running. All you have to do is acquire the AMT and leave it in your wallet – by doing so, you will be already profiting. There is no need to use methods such as staking or lending, nor do you need to make any form of registration – you just need to have an AMT in your wallet. Simple as that.


The power of mining

Our token connects miners with those who are interested in mining but don’t have enough resources or knowledge on the subject. It is also a great opportunity for traders since AMT has unique features that make it more valuable by the day.


More valuable every day

25% of the production will be put up for sale in the market, while the rest will be in possession of the miners who contribute with hash to the ecosystem. The liquidity obtained from this sale will translate into two clear benefits: buying and connecting more mining equipment to the ecosystem and increasing the AMT’s collateral in BTC. If willing to do so, users can access their BTC by exchanging it for their AMT, with the advantage that each day there will be more BTC to be split between the circulating AMT. In addition to the ATM’s market value, you will always have a collateral in ever-increasing bitcoins deriving from mining and token sales.