Check local regulations to be aware of permission and conditions to use and transact BEP-20 tokens. X

Start mining today!

To join the AMT Community and kickstart your Bitcoin mining journey, simply acquire and hold the AMT. To purchase AMT, connect your MetaMask wallet (using the BNB Network) to the PancakeSwap website and exchange any currency for AMT.

After purchasing your AMT on PancakeSwap, we recommend depositing them into staking within our application. Learn more below.

How does AMT staking work?

AMT staking allows your assets (your tokens) to generate passive income for you on a daily and automatic basis. This enables the accumulation of earnings without the need to pay daily fees (you only pay when depositing and withdrawing tokens from staking – making AMT more profitable).

When you stake AMT, it leaves your MetaMask wallet and is secured in a smart contract designed for this purpose. When you want to withdraw your accumulated earnings, you take them out of staking and pay a fee for the transaction. In other words, your tokens are just a click away from returning to your MetaMask, and only the wallet that initially deposited them can withdraw them.

The Two Types of AMT Staking

AMT's standard staking allows you to accumulate your earnings in BTCB on a daily and automatic basis. Investors only pay gas fees when depositing and withdrawing tokens from staking. When withdrawing staked tokens, the earnings in BTCB are also directly sent to the investor's MetaMask wallet.
Autobuy Staking ensures that your BTCB earnings automatically purchase more AMT for you on a daily and automatic basis. In other words, each day, the investor will have more AMT, which will generate more BTCB the following day, automatically buying more AMT, functioning like compound interest.


Frequently Asked Questions

MetaMask is a free and secure digital wallet that can be downloaded from the official website There are numerous online tutorials available that explain how to download, set up, import the BNB Smart Chain network, and add funds to your wallet. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer support.

Gas fees are charges that apply to any action you want to perform on the BNB Smart Chain network, where our token operates. These actions can include buying, selling, transferring, and more.

These fees are paid in BNB (Binance Coin), the native cryptocurrency of the BNB Smart Chain. It’s important to note that these fees are paid directly to the BNB Smart Chain network and not to us.

These fees are known for being some of the most cost-effective in the market, typically ranging from 0.03 to 0.2 cents in BNB (in most cases). The exact amount depends on the network’s congestion and the specific type of operation you plan to carry out.

To ensure smooth transactions, we recommend having at least $2 worth of BNB in your wallet to cover these fees.

CONVENTIONAL: Your cryptocurrencies are locked, and you “lend” them to a decentralized network to help with the network’s security and validation of transactions, and you receive rewards for this. There is a risk of slashing.

AMT: Your tokens can be withdrawn at any time without penalties; they do not validate transactions. This is used to accumulate earnings without paying a daily fee. Earnings come from our mining ecosystem’s profits. There is no risk of slashing.

It is possible to hold your AMTs in your MetaMask wallet; however, this option is not recommended for small investors. This is because in this case, you will need to manually claim your earnings daily, incurring daily gas fees, which can affect your profitability.

Therefore, this option is more suitable for large investors who don’t mind covering the daily gas fee costs because they know their earnings will outweigh these fees and prefer to custody their tokens in their own wallet.

In this case, they should access our application and, in the “Investments” section, click on “Big Investors.” There, they can claim their daily earnings and access a history of all distributions.

It’s worth mentioning that our team is considering a smart contract update that will allow tokens to accumulate automatically, without daily gas fees, directly within MetaMask. We will notify you when this becomes possible.

Similar to Bitcoin mining, the yield of AMT is variable and depends on several factors, such as:

  1. Price paid per AMT token.
  2. Bitcoin price.
  3. Mining network’s difficulty rate.
  4. Operating costs (primarily electricity).
  5. Computational power used for mining.

Most of these variables are subject to constant changes and are beyond the control of the AMT Project, making it impossible to guarantee a specific yield.

To simulate AMT’s real-time or hypothetical yields, you can visit our application: Remember to connect your MetaMask wallet using the BSC network to navigate and view the information correctly.