How does it work?

The AMT is operated by an automatic system and does not require any action from the user, who, upon acquiring the AMT, becomes part of the community. After registering the referred balance, the system will allocate daily a certain amount of BTC to each wallet that holds AMT based on the daily production of Bitcoins.

The machines of the project will be connected to the ViaBTC poolAntPool and SlushPool (check here all active machines) and from then on, 3 sub-accounts will be operated:


The amount generated in this sub-account will be used centrally to cover energy and operational costs.

Daily profit

A smart contract will make sure that the total amount produced in this sub-account is sent daily to the wallets that hold AMT percentage.

Warranty vault

This sub-account will feed a wallet controlled by a smart contract that will not accept withdrawals from non-AMT holders. It will be a daily Bitcoin entry wallet, in which the users will always find a certain amount of Bitcoin that belongs to them and will be able to access it whenever they want, as long as they exchange it for their AMT.

This wallet is intended to be an ever-increasing collateral for the AMT; but it doesn’t work like the liquidity pool. In this wallet, if the AMT is liquidated and the BTC is withdrawn, the price doesn’t drop but remains the same once the AMT are burned, which means that they cease to be part of the circulating total and the BTC/AMT ratio is maintained after the AMT is sold. However, for every daily pool payout, BTC is being contributed to this wallet, so the BTC/AMT ratio inevitably increases.

Mining company

Step one

The first step is to have your MetaMask wallet connected to the AMT trading site. Click on the “accept purchase agreement” button and then on “accept sale agreement” (this will allow your wallet to trade on the site).

Step two

You must have BNB in your wallet – the currency with which transaction costs are paid. For any purchase or sale, the BSC network will charge you transaction costs, which are the cheapest in the market.

Step three

Choose the amount of AMT you wish to purchase and the currency you will use for payment (BNB, BUSD, BTC, DAI, USDT). Click on “buy” and the AMT will be sent to your wallet and deducted from the currency you have chosen to make the referred payment.

Step four

You are now an AMT holder! You don’t need to do anything else, you are already mining BTC! You will receive BTC daily in this wallet according to the capital invested. Congratulations!


AutoMiningToken or Automatic Mining Token is a token unlike any other. This is due to the fact that, upon acquiring it, investors start to receive on their wallets bitcoins that are mined daily. That’s why we like to say that we “democratize Bitcoin mining”, since we make it possible for anyone to have only the good part of mining Bitcoin, without having to worry about machinery, employees, operating costs, technical knowledge, among other investments and bureaucracies. And users get notified on the amount received on their mobile phone, but they can also check this information directly in their MetaMask wallet.

We are experts in issuing tokens backed by bitcoin and terahash. Basically, “tokenization” is the transformation of a real asset into a digital asset, fragmented into encrypted units (the tokens). These tokens are created in such a way that they can be subdivided, traded and stored in a decentralized ledger technology (DLT). In this case, our token (AMT) represents a share in our bitcoin mining ecosystem. Regarding the “terahash and bitcoin backing”, it is worth mentioning that our project is backed by the Bitcoins and by the hash power contributed. Each terahash is a unit that “produces” bitcoins, so not only is our token backed by bitcoins, but also by terahash. The referred terahash constantly increases the number of bitcoins, causing our token to have more bitcoins backing it, which leads to a daily valuation.

Yes, eventually, it will be possible to carry out a technical visit to the mining companies, but there will be some requirements for that, which will be announced closer to the token’s launch date.

In order to predict profitability, it is necessary to understand 3 aspects:

1) Network difficulty: the network difficulty factor influences the mining outcome, as it determines the number of bitcoins to be received for each terahash contributed. The difficulty changes every 14 days and depends on the number of miners connected to the system (the more miners, the harder).

2) Hash power: the number and model of the connected machinery will give us a hash power, that is, a number of terahashes that can be used as a multiplication factor to find out how many bitcoins we are going to produce times the inverse of the difficulty factor (1/difficulty). So, Profit = Hash Power x (1/Difficulty). Therefore, the greater the hash power, the greater the profit (this is a result given in bitcoins).

3) Bitcoin value: Bitcoin value changes every minute and basically when the value is higher, we earn more dollars, on the other hand when bitcoin is cheaper, we earn less dollars.

You can also consult the profitability in our Inversion Simulator, in our marketplace.

We have a video (there are subtitles available in English) and a PDF tutorial to show you how to buy AMT. In summary, here are the places where you can buy AMT: the AutoMiningToken MarketPlace and PancakeSwap. Both markets are decentralized, that is, they are managed with smart contracts to which we must connect our Metamask wallet (download at, allowing us to trade directly from our wallet. By clicking on “exchange” or “buy” the desired amount will be transferred to the platform and the corresponding AMT amount will be received immediately.

It depends. There are 2 methods when it comes to selling AMTs:

  1. Sale at a fixed price (limit order) of US$ 0,50 per token: you can buy it until the number of tokens available in this method is sold out.


  2. Sale in the Liquidity Pool (another section on the same platform): in this case, the price is calculated according to the ratio of existing tokens, for example, if there is 1 million AMT and 1 million USD, the price is 1:1, but the price is changed by an algorithm according to the purchases and sales made.

This is how the Liquidity Pool works: the purchase of AMT causes its price to go up automatically, managed by the internal algorithm of the liquidity pool. And the opposite is also true, in the case of a sale, the AMT price automatically drops. The correlation between one token and another will give us the value of the AMT. Presumably, no one will buy from the Liquidity Pool until the AMTs put up for sale at a fixed price (1 USD) are sold out, since any purchase in this pool will make each AMT pricier than 1 dollar.

The entire production of bitcoins can be viewed directly on the ViaBTC website ( That’s because the AutoMiningToken connects all its current hash power to the ViaBTC’s pool, which is one of the largest in the world. We have the “autominingtoken” account and you can view (by clicking here) how many bitcoins have been produced so far, the number of connected machines, the daily profits, among other things.

These bitcoins are distributed to a wallet that can be viewed on the blockchain website, online, in real time. First, they go to a bitcoin network wallet, then they go through Binance to make the bridge to the Binance Smartchain and then they go to the project’s wallets, which are programmed with smart contracts. This wallet can also be viewed (both inputs and outputs) on the BSC website (, where you will be able to see the entire flow of bitcoins produced in real time with full transparency.

First, because we are not a platform, and the difference is that users don’t have to send their money to anyone, they just have to purchase the token. This token represents a share in our mining ecosystem. The token can be purchased via PancakeSwap or on our website, and upon connecting your MetaMask wallet to one of these options, the exchange will be done automatically. Thus, both the money and the tokens remain in the custody of the user.

Payments are made through a wallet that is programmed with a smart contract to perform this task. This wallet has an internal order to be executed every day according to the bitcoins produced. Programming cannot be modified and is public – it will be available on the website The smart contract is accessible to everyone. Each wallet has an identifier, and this identifier is placed on the Binance Smart Chain website, where we can “read” its internal programming. Thanks to this transparency, we can guarantee that users will receive their bitcoins, and that this task does not depend on the will of a certain person or company – it depends solely on what the smart contract is programmed to do.

Firstly, it is important to point out that there will be 2 markets available to trade your AMT, in addition to a “Warranty Vault”. One is an automatic market called PancakeSwap, which means that a software (smart contract) receives the AMT and returns bitcoins. The price starts at 1 USD = 1 AMT, that is, it all starts at the same price that was put up for sale. This value will change according to the transactions performed – if there are a lot of AMT purchases, the value automatically increases and if there are a lot of sales, the price drops accordingly.

The second market is an “order book” market where each user can “offer” their AMTs at any price they want, for example, if they bought them for 1 dollar, they could put them up for sale for 1.2 or 1.5 dollars or, in short, for whatever price they want.

Finally, there will be a warranty wallet called the “Warranty Vault”. This wallet will be automatic and will receive AMT in exchange for bitcoins. The conversion rate will be calculated based on the number of bitcoins contained in the wallet divided by the total AMT issued, but every day new bitcoins will be deposited in this wallet, making the bitcoin backing grow more and more. This wallet will start operating with 30 bitcoins and will receive 50% of the net production, that is, after deducting electricity costs, wages, etc. Deposits will be made daily.

AMT is a synthetic bitcoin token. This means that it is backed by bitcoins and therefore can be exchanged for bitcoins at any time – this is guaranteed by a smart contract. Thus, the token is worth an increasing number of bitcoins each day. So, if bitcoin increases in value, the token becomes even more valuable and profitable. The second incentive is that the exclusive ownership of AMT in a wallet causes the system to recognize it and pay a certain number of bitcoins proportional to the amount of AMT in the wallet, according to the total in circulation. Again: upon having exclusive ownership, that is, just by having AMT in your wallet, the system will capture the balance of all wallets, and those who have 1% of the tokens are awarded 1% of what is deposited into a wallet called “Daily Profit”. Every day, this wallet will receive 50% of the daily net production (the other 50% of the net production will be distributed to the “Warranty Vault”). It is so encouraging to know that, just for keeping your AMT, you will be entitled to receive a daily income in bitcoins.

If a massive sale occurred in the liquidity pool, that would arguably cause the token price to drop. Suppose something like this happens and the tokens are devalued by 50%. Should we be worried about that? Well, not really, because if before that my AMTs generated a daily value in bitcoin, what happens now is that these AMTs that are up for sale “at a discount” would generate the same amount they used to before they were sold, since the number of AMTs in circulation is the same and the number of machines generating bitcoins for the ecosystem is also the same. So, whoever bought these AMTs would get double the benefit in relation to the capital contributed – an even better opportunity is created for new investors. If I have a business that generates 1% per month and now this same business is put up for sale at half price but keeps generating the same profitability, this is an excellent opportunity, considering that, with the same investment, a revenue of 2% per month would be generated.