Who are we?​


Our mission is to democratize bitcoin mining.

We are miners and we know that this activity involves a large initial investment (purchase of machines, renting space, employee salaries, taxes, high electricity costs, etc.) and, therefore, results in high risks.

At least until AMT hits the market, because that is precisely the problem we aim to solve: making bitcoin mining accessible to everyone!

For this, we tokenize our bitcoin mining ecosystem, so that anyone can participate in the profits and receive daily income in BTCB, just by holding our token (AMT).

And we do this without using a platform, without keeping the investor’s money in custody, without renting terahash, without doing cloud mining.

Everything is secured by smart contracts that can be verified online.

AMT is backed by bitcoin and terahash, and has liquidity of $1 million in BTCB, locked for 2 years.

So, in addition to democratizing bitcoin mining, we do it responsibly and transparently.

We are always available to help and answer any questions from the AMT Community on our Instagram, as well as we are committed to keeping our Community updated and aware of our advances via our channels on Telegram, YouTube, blog and Twitter.

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