Check local regulations to be aware of permission and conditions to use and transact BEP-20 tokens. X

Leverage Your Investments with our Liquidity Injection!

Experience the USDT Loan backed by AMT! With this feature, you can obtain a loan in USDT with no interest and no fixed repayment periods.

How It Works

Collateral Deposit
Deposit your AMT as collateral to obtain a USDT loan of up to 50% of the value of your AMT, valued at the time of the deposit. For example, if you have an amount of AMT with a current market value of 10,000 USDT, you can deposit them as collateral and receive a loan of 5,000 USDT while retaining ownership of your tokens.


Token Appreciation
If the value of AMT increases while your AMT is in collateral, you will benefit from that increase with no additional costs.
Token Depreciation
We have so much confidence in our project that we are willing to guarantee that you will never lose more than 50% of the value invested in AMT. This is because if the value of AMT in USDT falls by more than 50%, your AMT deposited as collateral will be automatically liquidated.
Total Flexibility
You decide how many AMT you want to deposit and how you want to use the borrowed USDT. You can buy more AMT to increase your stake, diversify into other cryptocurrencies, or even convert them into fiat currency. The choice is yours!
No Interest
We do not charge interest on this loan. It's an interest-free way to access instant liquidity without fully committing your assets. We will only charge the returns on your AMT while they are deposited as collateral.
No Fixed Deadlines
There are no minimum or maximum deadlines for repaying the borrowed AMT. You set your own repayment schedule.
Safety First
Our priority is the security of your assets. The entire process is carried out and guaranteed through a smart contract specially designed to ensure transparency and system integrity.